ORONO, Maine — A recent rash of vehicle burglaries in which windows were smashed to gain entry into locked cars has spread from Old Town and Milford into Orono.

Two vehicles had windows smashed and items stolen from them in the same area of Orono on Nov. 11, and another car was burglarized the same way Nov. 16 on College Avenue. In each case, the break-ins occurred between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., police said.

That brings to nine the total of cars broken into and burglarized in the previous nine days in the area. In all nine cases, the vehicles were locked up, but the burglar smashed one of the windows to steal wallets or purses that were clearly visible from outside the vehicle.

“We had three over the weekend where purses or wallets were taken despite the cars being locked,” said Orono police Capt. Josh Ewing.

Ewing said the first two burglaries in Orono occurred on Peters and Pierce streets. A total of $530 in cash was taken and $300-400 in damage was done to each vehicle, according to Ewing.

Orono and Old Town police officers are asking for the public’s help in catching whoever is responsible for the break-ins. People can call or provide tips via the Internet anonymously to Orono police at 866-4000 or online at orono.org/police, or to Old Town police at 827-6358 or online at http://www.oldtownpd.org/feedback.php.