BANGOR, Maine — Downtown Bangor business owners hope to give big-box stores a run for their money on Black Friday.

More than a dozen downtown shops and vendors will open their doors from 10 a.m. to 6 or 7 p.m., and will offer sales and discounts ranging from 10 to 25 percent or more, according to Jason Bird, downtown coordinator for the city.

“The idea behind it is, instead of going to the mall and getting trampled on, pushed and shoved, or having to wait in line for hours on end in the cold, we’re urging people to instead come downtown,” Bird said Wednesday.

Organizers call the event Plaid Friday, which is designed to be a fun, laid-back alternative to Black Friday shopping. Business owners will wear plaid in recognition of the event, and customers are encouraged to do the same, according to Bird.

Participating businesses include Blue Heron, Mexicali Blues, Metropolitan Soul, The Rock and Art Shop, Epic Sports, Central Street Farmhouse, Briar Patch, Maine Jewelry and Art and most other downtown retail shops.

Any shopper who brings a receipt from a downtown business to Giacomo’s or Antique Marketplace & Cafe can get a free coffee, Bird said.

“The shop owners, the retailers are all sort of a mini-community in themselves,” and often work together to support and promote the downtown, he said.

Another locally owned business closer to the mall is planning an event of its own. Bull Moose Music, with 11 locations across the state, will be open from 6 a.m. until midnight Friday and from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

The stores will offer several new and special items, ranging from the full Beatles catalog reissued on vinyl to the complete 23-DVD collection of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

“Sales analytics from our 11 locations in Maine and New Hampshire point [toward] a strong Black Friday for Bull Moose, and we hope our positive forecasts come true for all Maine retailers,” Bull Moose President Brett Wickard said Wednesday.

13 replies on “Downtown Bangor vendors plan Plaid Friday sales to challenge Black Friday”

  1. Well, Jason Bird, what a nice promotion of the lovely downtown Bangor area! Nice idea! I hope a lot of people take the time to enjoy the great experience of shopping downtown. Nice shops, nice folks.

      1. Get over to WalMart then. They have a plethora of cheap Chinese crap and their prices are much cheaper. Don’t worry about how many Americans you put out of work. Just jump on that cheap Chinese crap like a seagull on a french fry.

        1. Walmart is there because they have a place in the economics of the world we live in. Otherwise, they could not exist and flourish in our ecomomy. If you are going to buy almost anything in the US today, it is probably made in another country, that is a sad fact. Most people know that, and they opt for the best price. They know that what they are buying is probably low quality,that there is no good warranty, and that most things are considered to be a throw away once they break. Example: your TV or computer breaks, do you actually take it someplace to get it repaired….really think it out, do you? Really? We can only put americans back to work when we bring industry back to the US and make the good quality products that we used to make…..

  2. My best day-after-Thanksgiving shopping came on the times I avoided the malls and shopped downtown — best gifts, too! Do it, folks!!

  3. Gee what a great plan by the downtown vendors. Don’t lower your prices at the same level or anything, just continue with your color matches. How ridiculous!

    1. Even without a basic grasp of retail economics, common sense should tell you that small individually owned businesses are not able to buy goods at the same prices the big chains can negotiate (extort). Their overhead costs are likely to be a larger percentage of sales income as well. The small shops usually have more unique, better quality, items however and a more personal relationship with their customers. Not to mention that the money stays in the community/state while studies show that is true for only roughly 14% of sales dollars for national chains.
      But if you are only looking for cheapest price, do what you must, just know that you can never be taken seriously if you complain about jobs going offshore.

      1. I could agree with you, except that most of those little stores are selling products that are also imported from overseas…they just don’t have the same buying power and are not making the same profit margins….

  4. I buy local and I buy American. It is our only defense against the selling out of the American dream, period.

  5. Love the concept, and if I ever have money again, I will buy local. Been doing that since the 90s before it was fashionable! I saw very early what Walmart was doing and stopped going there. Maine has all it needs right here. We used to make everything in Maine. Kick the globalists and Agenda 21 people out of our beautiful state and we may still have a chance.

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