PORTLAND, Maine — A South Carolina man has been charged in U.S. District Court with sending child pornography to a local man.

Daniel Cobb, 37, of Rock Hill, S.C., was arrested Nov. 15 and charged with transportation of child pornography, according to documents filed Friday in federal court in Portland.

Rock Hill is located about 70 miles north of Columbia, the state capital.

A federal judge in Columbia, S.C., ordered that Cobb be held without bail.
His initial appearance in Maine has not been set. It could not be determined Saturday if he has been transported to Maine or not.

Cobb allegedly traded child pornography with David Muise, 26, of Portland who was arrested Oct. 12 at his home, which he shared with his daughter and son, both under the age of 5.

Cobb’s children both are under the age of 10, according to court documents.

Muise is facing the more serious charge of sexual exploitation of a child.

The men came to the attention of investigators in September after the Portland man allegedly sent a photo of his genitalia over a clothed child sleeping on her stomach to a Canadian girlfriend in Langley, British Columbia. The woman contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who alerted American authorities.

Muise, who is being held without bail, admitted that he had shared child pornography with others, including a person using the email address doyawill@yahoo.com. Investigators traced that email address to Cobb, according to court documents.

An examination of Muise’s computer indicated that he and Cobb made “extensive sexual comments about each other’s daughters” in online chats. The two fathers appeared “to be sharing sexually explicit photos and videos” of the victims and also [to be] actively molesting them for each other via web cameras,” the affidavit filed in support a warrant to arrest Cobb said.

If convicted, Cobb faces a mandatory minimum of five years in federal prison and a maximum of 20. Muise faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years and a maximum of $250,000.