ADDISON, Maine — Signatures are being collected this week on a petition asking that decisions made at a special town meeting held last November about spending more than $500,000 to build a new firehouse be revisited at the annual town meeting in March.

Addison resident Erwin Zimmerman commissioned an attorney to review the votes taken at a Nov. 15, 2012, special town meeting. Zimmerman claims, as the petition language states, that the resolutions approved at that meeting contained “fatal flaws of ambiguity” and should be reconsidered at the March 12 town meeting.

Zimmerman said Tuesday the two resolutions approved in November were “very poorly worded and contradictory,” although both passed.

“Its fundamental flaw is that it creates two contradictory statements within the same resolution,” the petition states, reflecting the legal review. “If Article 4 passes (which it did), the Selectmen can finance the total of $569,000 plus; but if Article 5 passes (which it did), the Selectmen’s borrowing authority is reduced to $520,000 plus. Because the conditions for approval of both borrowing resolutions have been met and they are factually contradictory, it is my opinion that they, in the aggregate, are invalid.”

The petition calls for revisiting the November decision and having those attending the March town meeting determine the amount and source of funding for a new firehouse.

“I’m not trying to kill the idea of a new firehouse,” Zimmerman said. “I just think more town people need to be involved, and I want to reopen the discussion.”

Zimmerman said the petition will need to be filed by Friday, Jan. 18. Signatures are being collected at David’s Service Station, which is located across the street from the town hall.