BANGOR, Maine — Spanky’s Pizza is up for sale, and the owners said Friday that several people are interested in purchasing the business at the corner of Main and Walter streets that closed its doors several months ago.

Reached by phone at her home on Friday, Gloria Ramisch, who said she co-owned the business with her husband, Wiley Ramisch, said several people are looking into purchasing the business, but no final deal has been reached.

“We have a buyer that’s very interested,” Ramisch said, adding that they are still taking calls from potential buyers.

Ramisch declined to get into the reasons for Spanky’s shutdown, but in an Oct. 9 posting on the restaurant’s Facebook page, the company announced it would only be open “a few more days” until it sold out of product.

In response to a customer who asked in November whether Spanky’s would reopen in the near future, Spanky’s responded that the company couldn’t “come up with the funds to catch up and reopen.”

“This was our life and dream and we just couldn’t stay afloat,” the post continued, “but we miss our business and our customers more than anything and we are very sorry.”