BANGOR, Maine — The driver of a Dodge sedan that went off the road and hit a gas pump at the Circle K convenience store on Broadway on Monday morning is facing a drug charge, according to police.

Timmy J. Dailey, 38, of Bangor was charged with drug possession after a Bangor police officer who investigated the crash found contraband inside and outside the car he was driving, Sgt. Paul Edwards said Monday.

In addition, Edwards said, a Bangor Police Department drug recognition expert has filed a report that will be reviewed by the Penobscot County district attorney’s office for possible additional charges.

Dailey told police that his foot got caught in the accelerator, causing him to careen out of control into the gas pump, Edwards said.

Edwards said that Dailey complained of pain in his chest and legs after the accident and was taken to a Bangor hospital for treatment. Dailey’s injuries did not appear to be serious. Additional information about his medical condition was not available Monday evening.

According to Edwards, the crash at the convenience store at 489 Broadway was reported at 8:33 a.m., when a dark-colored car hit a gas pump, knocking it to the ground.

Andy Maverick Pierce of Hampden, who witnessed the crash, said the gas pump caught on fire and a transformer blew.

When Bangor police Officer Jim Dearing arrived to investigate, he identified Dailey as the driver of the 2008 Dodge sedan that struck the pump, Edwards said.

Edwards said Dearing found extensive front-end damage to the car, to the gas pumps and to a guy wire connected to a Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. utility pole.

The officer also found several hypodermic needles inside Dailey’s car and outside on the ground as well as a pill identified as Adderall — a commonly abused prescription drug containing amphetamine and dextroamphetamine — inside the car, Edwards said.

“The Fire Department was looking to notify the DEP [Department of Environmental Protection] because of a slight gas leak,” he said, adding that the crash temporarily knocked power out for some residents of the neighborhood.

According to a previous Bangor Daily News report, Dailey was arrested in September of last year after he allegedly punched a woman who was holding a baby while he was removing items from an apartment they had been sharing.

When Dailey returned to the apartment, he and a man who was with him were arrested on drug possession charges after police found the synthetic drug bath salts in their possession. Dailey also was charged with domestic violence assault.

Dailey was convicted in 1996 of assault and sentenced to 30 days in jail with all but 48 hours suspended, according to BDN court listings.