We’re keeping a running tally of some of Gov Paul LePage’s more colorful quotes from his time in the Blaine House and his campaign for governor in 2010. Know any we’ve missed? E-mail us.

• June 20, 2013: Gov. Paul LePage says Democratic Sen. Troy Jackson has “no brains” and a “black heart” and “claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without Vaseline” after the senator from Aroostook County gives the Democratic response to LePage’s budget veto.  

• June 18, 2013: Gov. Paul LePage created a stir again on Tuesday when he ordered his administration to stop speaking to the the Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal and Waterville Sentinel.

• May 29, 2013: “Next year I would like you to create a Legislature that doesn’t speak back.”  — LePage speaking to students with his second annual Governor’s Promising STEM Youth Awards, who brought robots they had built to the State House for the recognition ceremony.

• May 29, 2013: “The minute we start stifling our speech, we might as well go home, roll up our sleeves and get our guns out.” — LePage commenting about censorship by Democrats, related to the television screen outside his office.

• May 23, 2013: “If I have to remove myself from the toxic climate of censorship by Democrats in the State House to defend the taxpayers of Maine, then that’s what I will do.” — LePage threatens to move his office from the State House after Democratic  leaders refused to allow him to place a television screen outside his office.

May 19, 2013: “The people of the state of Maine are being played for patsies.” — LePage after being denied the ability to speak to the Appropriations Committee at the conclusion of a rare Sunday meeting.

• March 1, 2013: “I don’t care if it’s my bills. I’ll veto my own bills.” — LePage promises to veto any bill that comes across his desk until the Legislature passes his plan to repay $484 million owed to the state’s hospitals.

• Jan. 9, 2013: If you’ve got a job and you’re going to be intimidated, give it up and we’ll get somebody who can do the job. I am asking them for the good of the kids of the state of Maine, please go away. We don’t need you. We need some people with backbones.” — LePage calling on the members of Maine’s charter school commission to resign, a day after the seven-member panel rejected four out of five applications for new charter schools.

• January 2013: You guys, you’re idiots and you’re just as bad if not worse than those other guys.” — LePage comparing independent lawmakers to Democrats during a meeting with three independent legislators on alternate approaches to balancing the state budget.

• Nov. 9, 2012: “ If you want a good education in Maine, and I get criticized by my opponents because I’m hard on education, but if you want a good education, go to an academy. If you want a good education go to private schools. If you can’t afford it, tough luck. You can go to the public school.” — LePage discusses school choice during an “Eggs ‘n Issues” talk at York County Community College.

• July 12, 2012: The Holocaust was a horrific crime against humanity and, frankly, I would never want to see that repeated. Maybe the IRS is not quite as bad — yet.” — LePage compares the IRS to the Gestapo during an interview with Seven Days, an alternative weekly newspaper in Burlington, Vt. He later apologized for his remarks.

• April 27, 2012: “The problem is the middle management of the state is about as corrupt as you can be. Believe me, we’re trying every day to get them to go to work, but it’s hard.” — LePage responds to a question about fees at a town hall forum in Newport.

• March 31, 2012: “That [criticism] is coming from a little spoiled brat from Portland. He’s very fortunate that his granddad was born ahead of him.” — LePage on Sen. Justin Alfond, D-Portland, when asked about Democratic calls for an investigation of the Department of Health and Human Services.

• March 15, 2012: “The press. Reading newspapers in the state of Maine is like paying somebody to tell you lies.” — LePage to a student who asked him what he didn’t like about his job during his appearance as keynote speaker at a Career Conversations event at Waterville Junior High School.

• March 25, 2011: I’d laugh at them, the idiots. That’s what I would do. Come on! Get over yourselves!” — LePage when asked what he would do if people formed a human chain to block the removal of the mural from the state Department of Labor.

• February 2011: “The only thing that I’ve heard is if you take a plastic bottle and put it in the microwave and you heat it up, it gives off a chemical similar to estrogen. So the worst case is some women may have little beards.” — LePage saying he has yet to see enough science to support a ban on BPA, a common additive to plastics that some research suggests may interfere with hormone levels and could cause long-term problems.

• Jan. 14, 2011: Tell them to kiss my butt.” — LePage to reporters in response to suggestions from NAACP members and others that his decision not to attend ceremonies honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was part of a negative pattern.

• September 2010: “As your governor, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me on the front page, saying ‘Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell.’” — LePage telling a crowd of fishermen that, if elected, they could expect to see him stand up to the Obama administration.