Anybody who claims that standing on a red carpet at a movie premiere for the first time isn’t cause for some jitters is a liar, Brandon Wardwell says, and he ought to know.

The 18-year-old Lincoln man was on the red carpet with other actors who starred in “ Bluebird,” an independent film shot in Lincoln and the Katahdin region last year that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday night. It was Wardwell’s film debut.

“It was really successful at the end of it. I was a little nervous when I went to the theater,” Wardwell said Friday from a hotel in New York, where he was staying with his uncle, Lincoln Town Council Chairman Steve Clay.

Wardwell combated his nervousness at his red-carpet debut, he said, by remembering that “I had a lot of good friends and people around me. That made me feel comfortable.”

Written and directed by Lance Edmands, “Bluebird” stars “ Mad Men’s” John Slattery, Tony Award-winner Amy Morton, “ Trespass” star Emily Meade and Wardwell. It focuses on a small Maine town facing an imminent mill closure and other tragedies.

“It really shows what real life can be for some people, with a lot of brutal times,” said Wardwell, who plays Meade’s boyfriend. “I grew up watching people getting laid off and [kicked] out of mills.”

The film has received accolades for its gritty look at northern Maine. Wardwell gives Edmands kudos for capturing the reality he grew up with so well.

Edmands “created a very beautiful film that I am just happy to be a part of,” said Wardwell, who plans to continue acting.

“Bluebird” will make its Maine debut at the Maine International Film Festival in July.

Information from Bangor Daily News writer Emily Burnham is included in this report.