BANGOR, Maine — The iconic Bangor Auditorium and Civic Center has held its last event and is now property of Cianbro Corp., which is preparing the building for demolition.

Alan Grover, the construction company’s spokesman, said crews began shutting off gas and water inside the building on Tuesday.

“They’re starting to abate hazardous materials,” such as asbestos, he said.

Most of the work won’t be visible to the public until mid-June, when Cianbro brings in large excavators to begin tearing the building apart and salvaging useful materials from its frame.

“Demo should be completed by the end of July,” according to Grover. “A parking lot is planned to be built on the site of the old auditorium. The lot should be operational by the end of August, which will conclude the entire project.”

The new Cross Insurance Center is expected to officially open this fall.