BANGOR, Maine — A Pennsylvania man on probation and wanted in his home state for failing to appear for burglary charges against him, was caught early Saturday by an observant officer but then attempted to escape, according to Bangor police Sgt. Bob Bishop.

Kristopher Jenkins, 26, of Bensalem Township, Pa., was noticed at about 1:20 a.m. by Officer Sean Green because he was driving erratically in the downtown area, the sergeant said.

Green pulled him over on Oak Street.

“From the get-go he was extra evasive about who he was and where he got the vehicle,” Bishop said. “He gave some false names and date of births.”

While talking to Green, Jenkins apparently decided to try to escape, the sergeant said.

“He said, ‘[expletive] this,’ and took off running,” Bishop said.

The foot chase covered York, Pine and Oak streets and ended when Jenkins attempted to run downhill while heading toward lower Hammond Street, the sergeant said.

“Descending the hill, he tripped and Sean Green caught him,” Bishop said.

Officers David Farrar and Derek Laflin arrived to assist, and “it took all three to get him into handcuffs,” the sergeant said.

Additional restraints were placed on his feet, because he was kicking at the officer, Bishop said.

“He fought apprehension [and] he never stopped resisting even when they got him into booking,” he said.

After Jenkins was booked into Penobscot County Jail, the officers discovered his real identity and that he was wanted, Bishop said. Jenkins was charged with failure to prove a correct name and date of birth, driving without a license, refusing to submit, and felony escape, which carries a penalty of up to five years in prison for those convicted, he said.

Pennsylvania police have asked that a hold be placed on him, while they work on the extradition papers, Bishop said.

Jenkins has a significant criminal history in his home state, the sergeant said.

“He was hiding out in Maine,” Bishop said.

A $5,000 cash bail was placed on Jenkins, if the Pennsylvania hold is released.