The mother and stepfather of Nichole Cable, the 15-year-old girl who was found dead in Old Town in May, are scheduled to appear on the ‘Dr. Phil’ television show this week.

Kristine and Jason Wiley of Glenburn will appear on an episode titled “ Dangerous Online Obsession, Part 2,” on Thursday on the show hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw.

Cable allegedly began talking on Facebook to Kyle Dube, who was using a fake profile.

Dube, 20, of Orono, is accused of luring Cable out of her mother’s home on the night of May 12 by using someone else’s identity on Facebook, then killing her in an abduction gone wrong. Dube said he planned to kidnap the girl, hide her, then find her and play the hero.

Cable’s body was found late May 20 in a wooded area of Old Town after Dube’s girlfriend and brother told police where Dube said he had left the girl’s body, according to court documents.

On June 19, Dube pleaded not guilty to one count each of kidnapping and murder.

According to the Dr. Phil website, the Wileys will speak about their daughter’s death in order to help save other teens who may be making dangerous choices online.

“The couple shares their heartbreaking story — and a powerful message for Mary, Jude and 17-year-old Missy, who admits to fearlessly engaging in relationships with random men she meets online,” reads the synopsis. “Will their experience make an impact? And, how can Nichole’s parents move forward after such a devastating loss? Then, professional locator Troy Dunn speaks candidly with Nichole’s friends about their online activity.”

The hourlong episode will air at 7 p.m. Thursday on WLBZ-TV.

According to a police affidavit, Dube contacted other girls through a fake Facebook account he set up using the name and information of a Bangor High School student who knew Cable casually.

“During the course of the investigation records were obtained from Facebook indicating that the fake Bryan Butterfield account was used to make contact with several young females in the Bangor area to include Cable,” Detective Rick Canarr of the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department wrote.

Cable died of “asphyxia due to compression of the neck,” according to the state medical examiner’s office.

Dube was later indicted on felony burglary and theft charges by a Penobscot County grand jury in connection with the January theft of a gun from a Kenduskeag home.