WARREN, Maine — Molly, a 16-year-old horse, was attacked last Friday by two dogs when her owner was riding home from purchasing produce at a local farm market. The horse suffered wounds to her neck, chest and belly.

Janice Goodwin had ridden Molly to Beth’s Farm Market to get an apple. While riding home on Western Road, two dogs came out of a driveway and began nipping at the horse’s tail. Goodwin said she noticed that two children came to the end of the driveway to call their dogs, but the pets did not obey.

She turned Molly around, hoping the dogs would return home. Instead, the dogs became aggressive and attacked her paint horse.

When the animals began attacking, she dismounted to prevent the horse from bolting. The dogs did not attack Goodwin.

Deputy Lance Mitchell of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office stated in his report that about 10 citizens stopped and helped get the dogs away from the horse. Goodwin said she did not know what breed the dogs were, and Warren Animal Control Officer Larry Reed was not immediately available for comment Monday.

Molly was treated that evening by a veterinarian and was then taken to Annabessacook Veterinary Clinic in Monmouth. Goodwin said she expected to pick up Molly on Monday, but the expected pick up day changed to Wednesday when some wounds had to be drained again.

Goodwin said the dogs had their rabies shots, and their owner has agreed to pay the costs for treating Molly.

The sheriff’s department was not immediately available to state whether the owner of the dogs would be charged.