UNITY, Maine — Police said that a woman angry over the end of a relationship took some of her wrath out Sunday night on her ex-boyfriend’s Jeep Cherokee, which she allegedly smashed with a canoe paddle.

Jessica Letellier, 25, of Biddeford was arrested later that night, according to Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies responded to a report of a woman beating on the Jeep with the paddle and met with the vehicle’s owner. He told police that his relationship with Letellier had ended earlier that evening. They separated, and at some point Letellier went to the vehicle and started to hit it, he told officers.

“She busted mirrors, made dents, broke visors,” Trafton said Tuesday. “There were several eyewitnesses.”

By the time the victim came outside to see what was happening to his Jeep, Letellier had left, Trafton said. However, she returned in a different car and accelerated toward the group of people around the Jeep, Trafton said.

“They were concerned. Was she trying to hit them or the vehicle? It obviously wasn’t real clear,” he said.

Letellier was gone by the time the officers arrived at the scene. They interviewed witnesses and took statements and found her at a home in Burnham.

“She didn’t deny she did it,” Trafton said.

Letellier was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and domestic violence reckless conduct. She was taken to Waldo County Jail in Belfast to be booked, and was released from jail on Monday after posting $2,500 unsecured bail.

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