by Ardeana Hamlin

of The Weekly Staff

BANGOR — Creative Dental Solutions at 1407 Broadway, owned by Dr. James Sevey, is committed to providing exceptional care to its patients.

“We have an exceptional staff who really love people. We want to make everyone comfortable,” said Sophie Sevey, clinic administrator.

Currently, the practice manages dental care for two to three thousand patients who live in the Bangor area, and who travel from as far away as Canada and southern Maine to have dental work done. “Our patients love us,” Sophie Sevey said. “They don’t want to leave us. We’re fun and friendly.” And, indeed, anyone who walks into the reception area is greeted with welcoming smiles.

Sevey, originally from Brewer, said he knew by the time he was 10 or 12 years old that he wanted to study dentistry. He even consulted the World Book Encyclopedia to learn more about the professions and what it was all about. His role model was Dr. Brookings, an area dentist. “I was interested in what he did and I thought that dentistry was something I would like to do,” Sevey said.

Even so, as he entered college Sevey toyed with the idea of becoming a medical doctor, but soon ruled it out. “I liked that a dentist was not anchored to a hospital. After that, I never wavered,” he said.

Sevey graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1982 and returned to Maine to practice in 1988.

One wall at Creative Dental Solutions is covered with diplomas and certifications that Sevey has earned, both recently and in the past. According to information at, the practice website, “The Maine State Board of Dental Examiners requires that dentists have a minimum of 20 hours of verifiable dental continuing education per year to maintain licensure. Dr. Sevey consistently exceeds these requirements. Most years he attends more than 100 hours of dental continuing education, and in the last two years has completed more than 250 hours of continuing education.”

Sevey keeps up with the evolving advances in dental care technology and technique in order to benefit his patients. “He likes to get it right,” Sophie Sevey said.

Creative Dental Solutions was established in 2007 when Sevey decided to go solo after many years of being in partnership with Dr. John E. Tozer, whose practice also is on Broadway.

Sevey’s practice has a staff of 13, some of whom have worked with him for more than 20 years.

Recently, Sevey added Dr. David C. Haluska to the staff. Haluska was born and raised in Brewer,  graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in biological engineering with a double minor in neuroscience and premedical studies, graduating magna cum laude. Haluska received a doctoral degree in dental medicine from Boston University in 2012. He, his wife and baby son now live in Bangor.

“I am so excited to be back here,” Haluska said. “Both my wife and I wanted to be back here where family is. Having family around is very important. I also wanted to work where dentists are needed. The high need for dentists in Maine was definitely a draw. And Maine is where I wanted to raise a family.”

Like Sevey, Haluska once thought he’d pursue a medical degree — he thought he wanted to be a surgeon. “But I was worried about the changes in the healthcare system,” he said. So he looked to dentistry as a profession and liked what he found. “I enjoy the variety; it keeps my mind active,” he said. “The staff here is happy and that’s infectious.”

Haluska practiced in Waterville for a year before the opportunity work with Sevey came his way.

Creative Dental Solutions has seven treatment rooms where patients, most of whom are adults, receive cleaning and tooth protection services; cosmetic dentistry services; oral sedation dentistry; periodontal disease diagnosis, treatment and maintenance services; tooth restoration, including tooth implants and crowns; and information on sleep apnea diagnosis, treatment and referrals.

Each treatment room at the practice is equipped with a screen where patients can watch TV while their teeth are being worked on.

The facility was designed with efficiency ergonomics in mind, in terms of space utilization. Rapid deployment carts stand in a row in a spot designed especially for them so that when a hygienist or assistant needs one, it’s there ready to go.

In the sterilization room, shelving is designed in such a way that everything is in plain sight, making it easy for staff members to collect needed supplies in an easy, efficient manner.

A feature of the work place that staff members find attractive is the kitchen area where Sophie Sevey sets up a crockpot and a bread machine to cook for the staff whenever there is a special occasion to celebrate, such as a staff member’s birthday or birth of child.

Patients are reminded of their appointments with calls, email or text messages, or a combination of all three. “People like the ease of that,” Sophie Sevey said.

For information about Creative Dental Solutions, call 942-3000 or go to