Are you worried about the security of your business IT infrastructure? Is your IT staff pulled in too many directions? If so, you just might be a prime candidate for the 52,000-square-foot Oxford Networks Data Center.

The Oxford Networks Data Center is a high security cloud computing environment that provides IT as a Service, collocation service and disaster recovery services for businesses in Maine and beyond.

With today’s ever present threat of data breaches, business continuity demands and shrinking IT budgets it is critical for businesses to have the support they need allowing them to focus on their business.

Development of this one of a kind facility began when Oxford Networks invested in the Resilient Tier-V Data Center, a facility that was formerly a NATO Command and Control Center at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. Oxford Networks then purchased Resilient, along with acquiring Norton Lamb and Company, a 20-year-old computer and network management firm. Coupled with Oxford Networks’ already robust fiber network stretching from Maine to Massachusetts, the new venture has created a unique product offering at just the right time for its customers.

“It’s absolutely fascinating to witness the evolution of the IT industry and to see the power of technology paying off for our customers and for our company,” said Ron Shink, Oxford Networks’ chief technology officer

The addition of the data center is just the next step for this constantly evolving company. Oxford Networks began as a rural telephone company in western Maine over a century ago and grew to become a statewide provider of telephony and networking services across its own dedicated 1,000 mile fiber-optic network. The data center was a logical next step.

“The world of IT is moving at light speed,” said Shink. “If you’re a business owner… you become so invested in time and resources managing your IT that it can be distracting to the business. We have the technology and experience to shoulder some of the load.”

The data center has been everything Oxford Networks has expected and more. In fact, the company is about to make a significant expansion to the data center’s already-impressive computing capacity, where one rack runs the equivalent of 2,000 standalone servers.

Despite the science-fiction sound of all this, it’s very real — and right here in Maine.

“There’s no reason for any business to think that we don’t have world class IT infrastructure and services right here in the state of Maine,” Shink said.