CARMEL, Maine — A soaking wet black and white striped tiger cat was carried away from the fire at 70 Swetts Road shortly after firefighters from five neighboring towns extinguished the minor blaze.

Homeowner Matt Swett’s sister-in-law handed him the frightened feline, who basically jumped into his arms.

“The cat’s all good,” Swett said.

In fact, no one was injured in the fire that was reported at about 3:45 p.m. Firefighters from Hermon, Etna, Stetson and Dixmont assisted Carmel crews with knocking down the blaze, which took about a half hour, Assistant Chief Leroy Hall said from the scene.

When the first firefighters arrived, “we found smoke coming out of what we call the Delta side of the building, out of the eaves. Pretty heavy smoke,” Hall said.

Firefighters cut a hole in the roof of the entryway on the side of the building, and fire damage was visible to the siding above where the hole was cut. The cause of the fire in the fairly new home has not been determined, the assistant chief said.

“We’re still investigating it,” Hall said, as firefighters used infrared scanners to check for any remaining embers.

The materials used to build the newer home “helped us a lot to contain it to one end of the house,” unlike last week’s fire near the junction of Route 2, 100 and 69 that destroyed the older home that had been split into multiple apartments, the assistant fire chief said.