LINCOLN, Maine — A 19-year-old local man will graduate high school before serving 6 months in jail for stealing a handgun and $10,000 from an Enfield Road residence in July 2013, officials said Tuesday.

Brent Pelkey of Lincoln received a three-year sentence with all but six months suspended, plus three years probation. Officials also agreed to allow him to delay serving his sentence until June 20 so he can finish high school. Sentencing occurred on March 21 at the Bangor Judicial Center, officials said.

Lincoln police Detective Mark Fucile described the educational component of the sentencing as common with eligible offenders if their defense attorneys seek that condition and prosecutors agree to it.

Judges can also grant a stay over prosecutors’ objections, Penobscot County District Attorney R. Christopher Almy said.

“Presumably that will make it better or easier for him to be more productive rather than less productive in society,” Almy said Tuesday. “I wouldn’t say it is common. There are not too many kids we have in adult court that haven’t finished their education. Most of them are juveniles. He wasn’t.”

Pelkey was charged with Class B burglary and Class B theft on July 15 in connection with a burglary reported that morning. A 15-year-old boy was referred to juvenile authorities on the same charges, Lincoln police have said. The disposition of his case was unavailable on Tuesday.

Pelkey had been charged with committing a burglary at that address in August 2012, when he was a juvenile. When he responded to the reported burglary on Enfield Road last summer, Officer Jeff Rice saw the kicked-in front door and remembered the earlier incident, police have said.

Police found Pelkey after developing information from suspects. Pelkey also told investigators that he and the 15-year-old suspect spent several thousand dollars of the alleged stolen money during what Pelkey called “a shopping spree” in Bangor.

They bought bongs, gas masks and other drug paraphernalia, plus candy and sneakers, police said.

Pelkey told police that he threw the .32-caliber gun out of the car as he was driving back from Bangor after his mother telephoned to say that police were looking for him, police said.

Maine Game Warden Paul Farrington and his search dog later found the handgun off West Broadway or Route 2 near Mohawk Road, about where Pelkey said he threw it. Officers found most of the $10,000 cash in a vacant camp in Burlington owned by a friend of the 15-year-old. A money bag found at the camp matched those from the Enfield Road residence, police said.

Pelkey is also required to avoid possession or use of alcohol or drugs; repay $5,000 to the Enfield resident; and submit to alcohol and drug counseling and any search police wish to perform, Almy said.

Officials said they didn’t know what school Pelkey was attending now. He did attend Mattanawcook Academy of Lincoln last year, Fucile said.