BANGOR, Maine — Firefighters and police determined a suspicious envelope that was delivered Thursday afternoon to the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building did not pose a threat, Bangor Assistant Fire Chief Darrell Cyr said.

“The Orono haz-mat team removed an envelope,” said Cyr, noting the Orono Fire Department has provided the city with hazardous material response services for years.

The suspicious envelope was “found with a substance in it” but also had a return address, a name on it and the letter was signed, Cyr said. Those factors were used to lower the threat level, but six employees in the room where the letter was found were isolated for a short period as a precautionary measure, the assistant fire chief said.

No one was injured.

After the letter was removed, it was determined there was no hazard, Cyr said. Police officials said they plan to talk to the sender, he said.

“A sample was taken by the police department and will be sent to the crime lab in Augusta for analysis,” Cyr said.

Police and fire officials left the scene at about 4:30 p.m., approximately an hour after the incident began.