NORTHPORT, Maine — A Beech Hill Road husband and wife weren’t sure the coffee had kicked in yet early Tuesday morning when they spotted a full-grown pink pig wandering around their yard.

“I was looking out the window. ‘What is that?’ In the middle of the field, where the garden and the sheep are, there was a pig,” Judy Berk recounted of the 5:50 a.m. vision. “I blinked my eyes. It was a definite pig.”

Her husband, David Foley, got dressed and went outside to try to keep the pig from wrecking the sheep fence. The animal trotted across the road and disappeared from view, they said.

“Certainly the poor fellow is going to get hungry and start to root around for something to eat,” Foley said.

While the neighborhood is a rural one, the sight of livestock on the loose, especially a ham on the lam, is not common, they said. Though at first they thought the pig might belong to a Vermont farmer who is moving to the area, other neighbors later informed them that it most likely belongs to a man who lives near them on Beech Hill Road and that they believed it had returned home.

The pig’s safe return could not be confirmed by Tuesday afternoon.

Foley said that he was startled but not shocked by their morning visitation.

“Oh, it’s another day in Northport. We never know what we’ll see around here,” he said. “Pigs are smart and can escape most enclosures. I reckon we’ll see him again.”