Climate change swindle

I was dismayed but not surprised to read economist Jonathan Rubin’s defense of the Obama administration’s proposed plan to raise electricity rates and supposedly address global warming. The piece had all the standard elements of the climate change swindle: the apocalypse card, equating skeptics with holocaust deniers, denying it was a Democratic Party policy and political priority, ignoring the inconvenient truth the proposed emissions reductions will avert no climate change at all and suggesting higher energy prices will be good for the economy. About the only thing it was missing was an indictment of the Koch brothers.

Higher energy prices will reduce economic and individual freedom. Green crony capitalists, the environmental left and progressives think that’s just fine, justified by their faith in a coming climate change apocalypse and their moral superiority. But the proposed emissions reductions will avert no climate change, which is why attention is switched to other alleged health benefits.

To the Democrats and the environmental left: Take your green, grubby hands off our freedom and our economy. Want to address climate change? Invest in climate engineering research and stop the disingenuous and dishonest preaching.

Jon Reisman

Associate Professor of Economics & Public Policy

University of Maine at Machias


LePage, Christie

On Aug. 2, the BDN reported that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been invited to preside over a fundraising event for Gov. Paul LePage in Dedham. If people are known by the company they keep, LePage shows up in a bad light.

As a recent Maine transplant from New Jersey, I am well aware of Christie’s thuggish, bullying, vindictive tactics, which have been found revolting by many of his state’s residents. These include the shutting of lanes on the George Washington Bridge (“Bridgegate”) to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, for his lack of support; responding rudely and dismissively to questioners at public meetings; spending federal funds on TV videos to promote himself; and promoting policies favoring the rich.

I suggest Christie’s attitudes reflect many of LePage’s, whose actions, including 179 vetoes to date, often display little sympathy for helping the poor, underpaid and otherwise needy and disadvantaged of Maine. LePage has done little to deserve the support of Mainers in his reelection bid.

Gene Clifford

Mount Desert

Fulford support

Jonathan Fulford, a Democrat from Monroe, offers a unique opportunity to set straight many of the policy shifts promoted by Gov. Paul LePage and his tea party pal in the Senate, Mike Thibodeau, a Republican. Fulford supports the citizens of Waldo County over the interests of large corporations and understands that reducing taxes for the wealthiest results in an overall rise in taxes for the majority of us.

Thibodeau is treasurer of a political action committee called “Paving the Way for a Prosperous Maine,” which, since its inception in September 2011, has received contributions from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a proxy for the Koch brothers and affiliated entities like Phrma, Spectra Energy and the American Chemistry Council.

Thibodeau is also a member of the ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force. ALEC invites ideologues like Thibodeau to legislative retreats, where they push their corporate agenda and urge attendees to pass legislation written by corporate lobbyists. These bills pursue an increasingly extreme agenda and lead to partisan gamesmanship so familiar to us with LePage and Thibodeau in office.

These corporations do not have the interests of Mainers in mind — and neither do the elected officials who follow their directives like sheep. It’s time for real representation for Waldo County. I will vote for Fulford for state Senate because he has a vision for the future of Maine, a future that does not include selling our state to the highest corporate bidder.

John Krueger


Patriotic American

As a patriotic American, I definitely have not obsessed over the insulting trivia Jim Fossel presented in his July 31 BDN column.

The Palestinian people have been driven to Gaza by Israel. Israel has blockaded its borders, its port. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims he warns the people of Gaza to seek shelter before Israel next bombs the place. In this small sliver of land, where are the people to run? To shelters established by the United Nations, which are also targets for Israel?

Also, is Israel really one of America’s closest allies? How does Israel show that allegiance?

Israel is certainly the recipient of billions and billions of American dollars. What do Netanyahu and Israel give for the financial and military aid this country continually feeds it? This is one American who will never rally behind Israel until that country makes drastic changes in political and military policy.

Sheila Ford


Bear hunting

Anyone who has sat in a blind or tree stand to bear hunt will often tell you it is one of the most exciting things they have done. To see a bear sneak in or walk around out of clear shooting range is very exciting. My daughter and I just returned from a spring bear hunt in Canada, and she said, “Dad, that was the most exciting thing I have ever done.”

She was able to watch several bears during the week. Some too small to shoot and larger older bears that were too smart to come in close. She learned a great appreciation for them by watching them. And it took five days of sitting in a stand before a bear was shot. It’s not easy. I bear hunted with bait for years in Maine and had many seasons when I did not get a bear. It can be tough, hard work.

Also the idea we can shoot bear by still hunting is not true. I have deer hunted in Maine for 49 years now. In all those years I have seen one bear during hunting season. Our woods and swamps are way too thick to see bear. Those for the referendum have talked about Colorado. You cannot compare Maine to Colorado. I hunted in Colorado this fall, and I sat on a mountain side where I could see for miles in most directions. In Maine we often cannot see 50 yards. Without baiting, bear hunting will cease to exist for all practical purposes.

Keith Trembley