Card use and abuse

I was a reservist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency for 12 years. While working as a reservist, I was issued a government credit card that was limited to what I could purchase. I was told that I could use this card for transportation, fuel and food.

The card was designed so that you could get the necessary things you needed to do your job. Still, I witnessed some individuals who went to an ATM machine and tried to get a cash advance. I also witnessed a lot of people who tried to get this card to work for a Walmart purchase.

I believe that the food stamp business could have cards that could only be used for things that the person who is holding the card needed to use them for. They could be sent out so that they could not purchase a liquid refreshment, a cash advance, fuel for an automobile, smoking material. There are untold possibilities that the cards could be designed to be used for.

Richard Eaton


Lincoln voting facts

It is too bad that the old saying “One bad apple will spoil the whole barrel” is coming true in this town. The town councilors sent out for bids, received bids and acted on what they felt was the best for the town of Lincoln. Now it seems that the “bad apple” has spoiled everything. Those who don’t want change are winning.

Call, or better yet, stop in to the town of Lincoln offices and ask questions. Call or see in person your town councilors whom you elected. Trust them to make sound decisions for this great town of Lincoln.

The town of Lincoln is growing. We must stop the “what if” questions. Do something before more years go by and decisions of today are regretted.

Please get facts before you go to vote.

Nancy Hustus


U.S. Israeli support

I want to thank Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King for their strong support of the U.S.-Israel relationship, especially in light of Israel’s recent conflict with Hamas. When our closest ally is bombarded with over 4,500 rockets and with Hamas terrorists appearing out of hidden tunnels with the intent to kidnap, terrorize, and kill innocent Israeli citizens, I am grateful to know that our government stands up for what is right and provides overwhelming support and financial assistance to Israel.

Hamas is a terrorist organization openly committed to Israel’s destruction. Hamas initiated the recent conflict and forced Israel to respond and defend its citizens, as any country would. Israel did everything possible to minimize civilian casualties and without the development of Iron Dome, which was funded in part by the U.S. government, surely many more casualties would have occurred.

Blame for civilian casualties must be laid at the feet of Hamas – which used Gaza’s civilian population as human shields to provide cover for its aggression. While Hamas was firing rockets from schools, hospitals, and homes, Israel’s humanitarian relief throughout the conflict went underreported. Over 5,300 trucks filled with humanitarian aid and supplies were sent to Gaza from Israel and a field hospital was set up to treat the injured. Now that a ceasefire is in place, I hope there will be a lasting peace and as a Mainer I am proud and thankful to know that Collins and King continue to be leaders in support of the Jewish State.

Adam Arens


Fair Chase

The “Boone and Crockett” and “Pope and Young” Clubs define fair chase as the ethical, sportsmanlike and lawful pursuit and taking of any free-ranging wild, native North American big game animal in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper advantage over such animals.

Adjunct definitions are: Fair chase balances the equipment and skills of the hunter with the abilities of the animal to escape; and fair chase is when/where all pursued wildlife has a fair chance to escape the hunter through full use of its capabilities to detect, fly or run unrestricted by man or his contrivances.

Pursuit is the following, in order to overtake, capture, or kill a quarry; a chase. To hunt is to chase, pursue, or search for game.

Ethics are the standards of conduct and moral judgments by which we live. We all are required to exist under lawful rules, regulations, etc., but we all have differing ethical codes.

I am in my 70s and have hunted big game animals since my grade school days. The pursuits required efforts beyond sitting and waiting over baits; the activities were hunts, not “shoots.” My hunting days are about over and my ethical code would never allow me to attempt to shoot a bear over bait. That said, however, I would never try to dissuade another person from doing so if such shooting was a legal activity.

Hank Hosking


Book signing

Last week I went to a book signing for Tom Hennessey’s new book, at which I purchased “Save Some for Seed.” I immediately jumped right into it. I finished it in just two sittings.

What a great read. I so miss Tom’s columns and this book just brought all that great writing back.

We revisited Hank Lyons and all those special people and places Tom is famous for. Having been raised on Gene Letourneau, Bill Gegean and the like I really miss Tom. We have a number of good outdoor reporters but few writers. Folks that can spin a good yarn. Tom for sure can.

Bob Mercer


Not about the buildings

Apparently Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems plans a big expansion and consolidation of Mercy Hospital in Portland. Although I’m not sure how this is happening because we have ever shrinking healthcare funding and increasing out-of-pocket costs to patients. It’s important to realize that the best care is not always given in the fanciest buildings. If patient-centered care is delivered, and there are patient and family advisory councils involving the patient’s voice at every level of decision making, and there is a true culture of safety, with 100 percent transparency and honesty about everything including when things that go wrong, and on top of that excellent nurse to patient ratios and highly qualified staff, then we as patients can be confident that we are accessing safe high quality care. If any of those things are missing, it won’t matter how fancy or consolidated the buildings are, we will face lower quality and possibly unsafe care.

Putting money into efforts that make patients safer and that create an environment of high quality patient centered care is the priority, not luxurious lobbies, gardens, shrubs, paintings and all of the other fancy accoutrements in modern Hospitals. Sick people only notice the quality and safety of their care and their expectation is an excellent healthcare outcome. Nothing else matters to patients.

Kathy Day RN