FALMOUTH, Maine — A teenager remained in custody this week after he allegedly broke into two homes Nov. 15 while naked — and police say possibly high on the synthetic drugs known as bath salts — while a fire of unknown origin destroyed his family’s home at 12 Inverness Road.

Logan Valle, 18, is being held at the Cumberland County Jail on $10,000 bail on charges of burglary, theft and attempted theft, after he was allegedly found naked in a Fieldstone Lane home.

Court documents filed Sunday, Nov. 16, and modified Monday, Nov. 17, suggest Valle might have been high on the synthetic stimulant known as bath salts. An affidavit filed by Falmouth police said doctors at Maine Medical Center who treated Valle believed he may have used bath salts, although their belief was not yet confirmed.

A voluntary statement provided to police by Mark Roy, owner of one of the homes Valle allegedly broke into, said Valle “appeared scared, cold and on drugs.”

Valle was arrested at gunpoint at a second home, and the report by police Sgt. Kevin Conger Jr. said Valle was breathing rapidly, moaning each time he exhaled, had difficulty walking, “and seemed as though he may be under the influence of something.” He also refused to tell arresting officers his name.

According to the documents, Valle said he did not remember any of the events.

Valle made his initial court appearance Monday in Portland, where bail was set and he was ordered not to use alcohol or illegal drugs. His next court date will be in February 2015; he will be arraigned sooner if he is indicted in the interim.

Valle is also currently under juvenile probation for operating under the influence. According to documents, Valle said he suffered mild frostbite on his feet from the incident.

It remained unclear if the fire and alleged break-ins on Saturday were related.

Reached Tuesday morning, Valle’s mother, Lisa Valle, declined to discuss the Saturday-night events.

Most of the Inverness Road home, other than the structure of a three-car garage, was completely destroyed, and the cause of the blaze was under investigation. According to town records, the building was valued at $602,500; with land the property was assessed at $799,100.

A neighbor, Karen Larlee, said she was one of the first people on the scene after coming home from an evening out.

“It was tragic, it was just unbelievable,” Larlee said Tuesday. “It was hard to believe it was happening.”

She said she knew within the first several minutes that no one was home at the time of the fire.

No injuries were reported from the fire, although one of three household dogs, a 6-year-old black-and-white boxer named Roxy, was missing. Roxy was wearing a pink collar with green dots, and Larlee said the dog was seen outside the house during the fire.

She said anyone who sees the dog should call 410-279-7172. Roxy is shy, Larlee added.

“Keep your eyes open,” she said. “[The Valles] are devastated by the loss of everything, but they can’t replace their dog.”

On Monday, Lt. John Kilbride said officers have been called to the Valle home before, including twice in the last week for domestic arguments between Logan Valle and other members of the family. Kilbride said in both instances police took no further action, other than restoring the peace.

Kilbride said police believe Valle broke into two homes on Fieldstone Lane Saturday night, in an attempt to steal the keys to a vehicle.

Kilbride said Valle stole car keys during the first break in, but was not able to start the car. He was captured at the second home, where he was found naked in the basement.

Police found Valle’s car two miles away from the Fieldstone Lane homes. Kilbride said it appeared someone unsuccessfully tried to set the vehicle on fire. The car was found parked in the parking lot of the Falmouth Country Club. The police report did not make reference to this.

Kilbride said police are unsure why Valle was unclothed when he was found, or how he got to the Fieldstone residences. He said Valle didn’t want to talk to the police and invoked his right to counsel. He was taken to Cumberland County Jail after being evaluated at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

At the same time as the incidents on Fieldstone Lane, the Falmouth Fire Department was called to the Inverness Road fire. According to police, the home was completely engulfed in flames shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday.

Firefighters from Portland and Cumberland assisted Falmouth crews.

Due to the severity of the fire, the state fire marshal’s office was called in to assist Falmouth Fire-EMS with determining the cause. The building was unoccupied at the time of the fire, and Inverness Road was closed for several hours Saturday night as crews battled the blaze.

Falmouth Fire-EMS Chief Howard Rice Jr. said a fire marshal and firefighters were at the scene overnight and left Sunday morning.

“Sometimes with that much damage it’s tough to figure out the cause,” Rice said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by the Falmouth Country Club to support the Valle family. The Valles are club members, and their house is part of the Falmouth on the Green Homeowner’s Association.

Matt Barnard, spokesman for Harris Golf, which manages the Falmouth Country Club, said the goal is to raise $10,000 for the family’s immediate, pre-insurance expenses. As of Monday, he said, $2,000 had already been raised.

According to his Facebook page, Logan Valle is a former honor student at Falmouth High School, and has been employed at the Hannaford supermarket in West Falmouth since 2014.

The Falmouth School Department released a statement saying “school personnel, including administrators, counselors and teachers will be supporting the family’s immediate and longer-term needs. … Our goal will be to take steps to support the family in recovering from this incident.”

The statement continued that counselors and school personnel will be available for any students in need of support.

Managers at the Hannaford store where Valle works declined to comment.