EASTPORT, Maine — One of the quirkiest ways some Mainers rang in the New Year involved watching an 8-foot sardine drop at midnight from a three-story downtown building overlooking Bank Square.

With a nod to neighboring New Brunswick, the 10th annual sardine drop was prefaced an hour earlier with a giant maple leaf drop to celebrate the arrival of 2015 in Atlantic Time (11 p.m. EST). A small brass band played the Canadian national anthem “O Canada” as the red leaf dropped and “Auld Lang Syne” during the colorful sardine drop.

Video of the Eastport New Year celebration is available on the website of the Tides Institute & Museum of Art, which organized and sponsored the event, which also featured music, dancing and other activities.

It is unclear how many revelers kissed the large canvas on wood sardine after it dropped in an effort to secure good luck for the New Year.