CALAIS, Maine — A Connecticut man is being held at Washington County Jail in Machias after he fled from police and tried to hide in a closet at a local eye doctor’s office.

Daniel Maia, the alleged fugitive, is wanted in Connecticut on an assault charge, Calais police Chief David Randall said Thursday. Maia also faces charges stemming from Tuesday’s chase, which resulted after police received a report of an argument at a local motel the night before, the chief said. Randall said the caller told police that people in a room at the motel may have been arguing over a firearm.

Randall said Maia, 23, was not at the motel when police arrived Monday night but that others in the room consented to the search, which turned up nothing.

The next morning, however, Maia complained to a motel employee that officers had searched his room without his consent, according to Randall. The motel employee called police after talking to Maia and, when officers arrived again Tuesday morning, Maia allegedly gave officers a false name and then fled.

Randall said the ensuing chase involved Maia twice driving away from police, struggling with an officer at one point when he got out of his car, a tip from a citizen about where Maia had fled, and, in the end, Maia trying to hide in a closet at a local eye doctor’s office. Staff at the doctor’s office indicated to police where Maia was hiding when officers entered, the chief said.

No weapons were found and no injuries occurred during the chase, Randall said. Officers, however, did find the antipsychotic medication clozapine, which was prescribed to someone other than Maia, he said.

The chief said Calais police have charged Maia with refusing to submit to arrest, operating a motor vehicle without a license, illegal possession of prescription drugs and providing police with a false name and date of birth. Members of the Baileyville Police Department, Maine State Police, U.S. Border Patrol and Maine Drug Enforcement Agency assisted Calais police, he said.

Randall said Calais law enforcement officials have noticed an increased number of visitors from the Waterbury, Connecticut, area, and police believe drugs are being taken to eastern Washington County. He said that when the visitors are in town, a lot of people come and go from where the visitors stay.

“I think anyone can put two and two together and figure out what they are doing,” the police chief said.

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