CARMEL, Maine — Maine’s largest food bank is down a delivery truck after one of its tractor trailers got caught in the massive pileup on Interstate 95.

Kristen Miale, president of the Good Shepherd Food Bank, said the truck was packed full of food and heading to Catholic Charities in Aroostook County, when it jackknifed.

It came to rest on the side of the road without hitting any other cars, Miale said. Fortunately the driver is OK and so is most of the food, but the loss of a truck for even a few days is difficult.

“It’s a big impact,” Miale said. “All of our nine trucks are at full capacity, so we had to do a lot of rerouting and rescheduling to make sure all the food people are depending on getting are able to get it when they need it.”

The truck was driven back to Auburn Wednesday and the damage is still being assessed.

Miale said the food bank does have insurance, which may help cover repairs.