Name: Nathaniel Howe

Town: Winterport

Why did you choose to buy your home?
We were looking for a classic Maine farmhouse when we started looking around 2002. We didn’t want to be near a busy road, and we wanted a manageable amount of land.  The apple orchard in the back is great for gathering in the fall for all sorts of uses. There is a decent sized vegetable garden and flower beds in the back of the house. The house is remarkable in that it is built on granite blocks stacked three high and is as square as the day it was built.

What are some physical features that make your home distinct?
Well, the foundation for one, and the attached barn is great because of the amount of storage upstairs. The eastern part of the house can be closed off and opened when company arrives; they have a private bath all to themselves as well.

What’s the history of your home?
Our home in Winterport was originally built by the Low family around 1850. A member of the family, Frederick Ferdinand Low, was elected governor of California in 1863. As far as we know, we are only the third or perhaps fourth family to live in the home. We have lived there since 2003 and have renovated the home while trying to preserve as much of the character as possible.

What’s does the future look like for your home?
It is currently for sale as it is time to downsize. We hope someone who loves rural living will buy it and love it as much as we have. There’s plenty of room for animals and more land available if desired.

Whether you bought a farmhouse built in the 1800s, or designed and constructed your own, we’d like to hear about it. What’s your home’s story? What makes it different?

Has your homestead been passed down through the generations? Do you know the history of the land on which it was built? Does it have unique characteristics, such as a fireplace made by hand out of field stones, a secret passageway, or rafters reused from an old barn?

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