AUGUSTA, Maine — A day after Gov. Paul LePage vetoed 10 bills sponsored by Democrats because they blocked his bid to have a referendum to repeal the income tax, the House and Senate pushed back Tuesday by reviving nine of them.

All 10 bills came up for override votes in either the House or Senate, and two of them passed through both chambers to enactment. Seven vetoed bills await action in one chamber or the other.

One of the vetoes, LD 788, An Act to Improve the Health of Maine Citizens and Safety of Pedestrians, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Denise Harlow of Portland, was sustained in the House of Representatives by a vote of 92-56. That fell seven votes short of a veto override.

The two bills that moved through both chambers to enactment over the governor’s vetoes were the following:

— The veto of LD 935, An Act Regarding Alcohol Manufacturing Licenses Issued to Research Facilities, sponsored by Sen. James Dill, D-Old Town, was overturned by a 136-3 vote in the House and a 32-3 vote in the Senate.

— The veto of LD 780, Resolve, Authorizing the Director of the Bureau of Parks and Lands to Convey the Parcel of Land in Kittery Known as John Paul Jones Memorial Park to the Town of Kittery, sponsored by Sen. Dawn Hill, D-Cape Neddick, was overturned 137-2 in the House and 35-0 in the Senate.

The remaining votes were as follows:

— The veto of LD 136, An Act to Clarify that the Medical Records of Applicants for Disability Variances Submitted to Municipal Boards of Appeal are Not Public Records, sponsored by Rep. Kimberly Monaghan, D-Cape Elizabeth, was overturned in the House 146-0.

— The veto of LD 206, An Act to Clarify Restrictions on the Disclosure of E-9-1-1 System Information, sponsored by Rep. Barry Hobbins, D-Saco, was overturned in the House 135-12.

— The veto of LD 488, An Act to Expand the Scope of Practice for Denturists, sponsored by Rep. Michael Shaw, D-Standish, was overturned in the House 146-0 .

— The veto of LD 700, An Act Regarding the Industry Partnership Assistance Collaborative’s Grant Program, sponsored by Rep. Erin Herbig, D-Belfast, was overturned in the House 146-1.

— The veto of LD 776, An Act to Update the Validation of Miscellaneous Defects and Defective Acknowledgements in the Conveyance of Real Estate, sponsored by Hobbins, was overturned in the House 147-0.

— The veto of LD 892, An Act to Amend Certain Laws Affecting the Judicial Branch, sponsored by Monaghan, was overturned in the House 135-12.

— The veto of LD 987, An Act to Suspend the Right of an Out-of-state Toll Violator to Operate a Motor Vehicle on Maine Roads, sponsored by Rep. Andrew McLean, D-Gorham, was overturned in the House 146-0.

Christopher Cousins

Christopher Cousins has worked as a journalist in Maine for more than 15 years and covered state government for numerous media organizations before joining the Bangor Daily News in 2009.