BANGOR, Maine — A Brewer Little League softball coach was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly threatening umpires, according to Bangor police.

Jarrod Williams, 40, of Brewer apparently had been ejected from the District 3 Little League 9- and 10-year-old all-star softball game between Brewer and Bangor and wasn’t pleased, Bangor police Lt. Bob Bishop said.

Mike Brooker, assistant administrator for District 3 Little League, received a text message that there was a major problem so he made his way from Mansfield Stadium to nearby 13th Street, where he was informed that Williams’ source of irritation stemmed from a Brewer base runner being called out at the plate during the fifth inning.

“[Williams] then approached the umpires aggressively and was cursing at them. He was ejected and refused to leave. When people attempted to calm him down, he threatened them with physical violence,” said Brooker. “He eventually left but he began throwing things around when he was up by the batting cages.”

Corey Bobb, incoming commissioner of Brewer Little League baseball/softball, said he talked to several witnesses and said Williams was “animated when he came out of the dugout [to argue the call] but didn’t start swearing until after he was ejected.”

Police responded to a 911 call and the lieutenant said police gave Williams several chances to calm down, but he refused to cooperate.

Bishop said Williams never verbally abused any players.

Williams was taken to Penobscot County Jail after his arrest and later released on $60 bail.

Brooker said it will be up to the Brewer Little League administration to discipline Williams but noted that the Brewer team was eliminated by Bangor so it wouldn’t take effect until next season.

“In my opinion, if Little League International doesn’t feel Brewer adequately addresses it, it may take further action,” said Brooker. “I feel this man should no longer be in charge of young people at all, girls or boys.”

Bobb said under Little League bylaws, Williams has to miss the next playoff game and that wouldn’t be until next season.

Williams’ future as a coach in the organization will be discussed at the next board meeting and a vote will be taken whether to allow him to coach or what punishment should be handed out.

Bobb said that is likely to happen in August.

“This was an aberration. This should not be a reflection of our organization. This is not what we stand for,” Bobb said.

BDN reporter Ryan McLaughlin contributed to this story.