OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — The Canadian dollar is hitting historic lows this summer, and some Maine business owners are feeling the effects.

Guy Coutu came to Old Orchard Beach from Quebec City for the Challenge Triathlon this weekend. But some of his friends couldn’t afford it.

“Last year we were four couples here, but this year we were just us,” Coutu said.

He said the exchange rate is just too high.

“Not every family is able to come to the United States with a high rate,” Coutu said.

With the Canadian dollar at an 11-year low, motel owners say many are opting for shorter trips less often. The Canadian dollar is only worth about 75 cents in American currency, so if someone were to book a room for $125 a night, they actually are paying about $156 in Canadian currency.

“We did notice that families expressed that it was expensive for them. Some of them came anyway, but they cut their vacations a little short and did more things at home,” Jo-Ann Lapointe, Beau Rivage Motel, said.

The Alouette Beach Resort relies on Canadian tourists.

“People are tightening their belts just a little bit,” Fred Kennedy, Alouette Beach Resort owner, said.

Kennedy said it still has been a solid season because he’s seeing more visitors from within the U.S.

“Our economy, although not where we’d like it to be, it’s not like it was in 2008, 2009, so that’s made up for it a little bit,” Kennedy said.

As businesses and travelers look to next season they hope the Canadian numbers will be more in their favor.

“Let’s hope everything’s going to be good one day,” Coutu said.