BANGOR, Maine — When “Hotel Impossible” host Anthony Melchiorri, a celebrity hospitality expert, came to Bangor in July to shoot an episode of the Travel Channel hotel makeover show at the Charles Inn, he found a dysfunctional relationship between the former hotel owner and the operator of the hotel’s Big Easy bar.

“I believe this is a very toxic environment,” Melchiorri told former owner Connie Boivin, who purchased the hotel in 2005, and bar manager Paul Beaulieu, who was ousted from the building after the filming.

“You will leave this hotel today,” Melchiorri told Beaulieu, Boivin’s ex-boyfriend, after hearing about how the former couple interacted with each other.

Beaulieu apologized for his actions, and he and Boivin wished each other well on air.

Boivin sold the local landmark after the filming was done to Leeanne and Allan Hewey on Sept. 21.

“It’s kind of like Dr. Phil,” Leeanne Hewey said as she watched the Season 6 finale at the Charles Inn on Tuesday night.

The show included a scene in which Melchiorri heard that Beaulieu was back at the hotel after moving out and the host confronted Beaulieu, who was yelling and swearing out in front of the hotel.

“If he steps one foot in here, call the police,” Melchiorri told the hotel owner’s daughter.

Shortly after, the host suggested Boivin sell the property and move to Florida so she could live near her daughter, then introduced her to the Heweys.

“Hotel Impossible” worked with the Heweys for an episode featuring Brewer’s Vacationland Inn.

“We haven’t seen any of this,” Allan Hewey said as he watched the show.

The building, erected in 1873, has 33 rooms, an art gallery and the bar. Converted to a hotel in early 1980s, it previously was the home of Viner’s Music.

The hotel got new bedding and was redesigned. The old bank vault was changed into a library. Maine Construction Group of Hampden performed the work.

The Heweys are planning a full makeover for the hotel, which eventually will give every room a theme inspired by local history. They started with the “Veteran’s Valor” room.

“It honors all veterans, but nine members specifically from Bangor and Brewer who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor,” Allan Hewey said.

The couple is planning a room themed for Bangor resident Hannibal Hamlin, vice president to Abraham Lincoln; Betts Books; the Katahdin area; and negotiating with the publicist for local author Stephen King.

“Our plan is to have an entire hallway that will be front pages from the Bangor Daily News,” Allen Hewey said.

Other planned rooms will feature the timber industry, log driving, the eight American presidents who have visited Bangor and Viner’s Music.

The former lounge may one day serve beverages again.

“We plan to lease the space to a local couple who plan to open an espresso coffee house,” Leeanne Hewey said.

The Heweys come to Bangor from Brewer, where Leeanne Hewey served as general manager for the Vacationland Inn and Allan Hewey served as facilities manager, jobs they have kept.

“We just cut back on our hours,” she said. “Our son took over Al’s job.”
“We had five generations here for the ribbon-cutting,” Leeanne Hewey said.

“I’m excited,” Boivin said in the show’s conclusion. “I feel like Superwoman right now because I’m back in control.”

The show ends with the Heweys hugging Boivin before she travels to Florida.