What can you do for a loved one on Valentine’s Day (or every day) that isn’t sappy and fake and, well, trite? We scoured the almighty YouTube, looking for examples of presents or experiences that you might not have thought of before. Here are a few:

Meaningful surprises

Go with your significant other to see a movie he really wants to see, even though it’s not your favorite. Or take his mother out for lunch, to show him you care about his family. Learn how to make her cup of tea (or coffee). “Ambush her with kindness,” says dating advice guru Matthew Hussey, as he runs through some good ideas you might not have considered before.

Short shorts

This looks painful at times, but also fun to do as a couple. You can take pole dancing lessons in some parts of Maine, or try aerial yoga where you stretch out in a fabric hammock suspended off the floor.

Dance it out

You don’t have to dance like this couple. But get your favorite artist or dance tune on your speakers, move your kitchen table and chairs back, and have a dance party (or a dance off). (Don’t forget to take pictures.)

Complimentary gift

Be blatant about what you like about someone else. In particular, look for the thing they do well that might not be obvious to most people. You don’t have to get your loved one a gift. Be kind. It will make them like you more and make the world a happier place.


If you decide to ask your loved one to marry you this Valentine’s Day, you could do worse than to follow the example of this sincere and creative proposal.