ROCKLAND, Maine — A fire Friday night forced the evacuation of the Brunswick Rooms boarding house on Main Street.

The fire alarm in the boarding house alerted the Rockland Fire Department shortly after 8 p.m. When the first crew arrived, the firefighters detected a strong burning smell, and when they went to the basement found smoke.

Some of the residents had evacuated when the alarm sounded, but many of the others had not, which required the first three firefighters who responded to go door to door to clear out the building. Rockland called for additional help from Rockport, which sent equipment and crews.

The Brunswick Rooms is a three-story wooden building with 28 rooms.

The fire was limited to the oil-fired water heater, according to Fire Chief Adam Miceli. Smoke and carbon monoxide from the fire was funnelled through the hot air furnace, adjacent in the basement, which sent the fumes through the building via the heating ducts.

The fire was extinguished before the carbon monoxide level reached dangerous levels, according to the department. No injuries were reported.

A dozen Rockland firefighters and a crew from Rockport responded.