The answer is… Salt Pond Preserve in Hancock, a strip of coastal land owned and maintained by the Frenchman Bay Conservancy! And the winner of this “Where in the Woods” contest is Geneva Langley of Bar Harbor. Geneva guessed the location correctly and will receive a $15 Uno’s gift card in the mail for her efforts. :)

I’ve noticed that many of you entered your answer in the comment section at the bottom of the post. That’s not the right spot to submit your answer. The place to submit it is in the graphic just below “Can you guess what trail? Enter to win!”.. above the photo gallery. (I know it’s confusing because I used to ask people to enter their best guesses in the comment section… but don’t do that with these prize drawings!)

Here’s the original text of the post:

On Easter Sunday, my little family took a walk along the Maine coast, enjoying the sun of early spring. We then explored a short but lovely forest trail, owned and maintained by a local land trust.

Can you guess what trail? Enter to win!

I have a $15 gift card to Uno’s restaurant in Bangor that I’ll send in the mail to whoever can guess where we went for our walk on Easter. Just view the photo gallery at the bottom of this post, then leave your best guess in the graphic here:

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Here are some photos I took during our walk:

Aislinn Sarnacki

Aislinn Sarnacki is a Maine outdoors writer and the author of three Maine hiking guidebooks including “Family Friendly Hikes in Maine.” Find her on Twitter and Facebook @1minhikegirl. You can also...