BANGOR, Maine — Firefighters returning from training Sunday morning noticed smoke along the Kenduskeag Stream and found a growing grass fire when they stopped to take a look, according to Bangor fire Lt. Andrew Emery.

“Engine 6 was returning … to the station and they saw the smoke and went down to investigate,” Emery said.

The grass fire was discovered at about 11:36 a.m. along the stream, just north of the Griffin Road bridge, he said.

Jason Mangini, who is from Connecticut but is working on an audio project at the University of Maine, was inside a nearby store when he smelled the smoke.

“I was at Ocean City Job Lots and you could smell the smoke in there,” he said, shortly after taking photos from the bridge of the firefighters battling the blaze. “I thought it was just outside.”

Mangini decided to walk down to the streamside, “just to check out what was going on” and he wasn’t alone as others also stopped to see the action.

Bangor resident Krista Mallory-MacDonald said she was heading to the store to get colored pencils “and ran into this.” She took several photos and videos of the firefighters and the Maine Forest Service helicopter that assisted the crews.

Because of its location, fire crews walked to the area and used portable backpacks filled with water to put out the flames, fueled by Sunday’s high winds. The department’s off-road Kubota unit also was used. Crewmembers could be seen from the bridge filling buckets with water from the stream and fire trucks and ambulance vehicles were parked on both sides of Griffin Road.

The flames were mostly down over the embankment leading to the stream but were close enough to homes on nearby Ohio Street that another fire truck was stationed there as a precautionary measure.

Just under two acres of underbrush and grass burned, according to Bangor Assistant Fire Chief Anthony Riitano.

“No structures were threatened,” he said Sunday night.

Fire crews left the scene at about 3:30 p.m.