BIDDEFORD, Maine — New information has been released in one of Maine’s coldest cases.

Saturday marks 17 years since Angel “Tony” Torres disappeared.

For the first time, state police are revealing details about where he was last seen, and who he was with.

Police say the night Torres disappeared he was on South Street in Biddeford, at what used to be Jim and Renee’s Market.

They say the man he was with, their key witness, recently died without ever telling them the whole story about what happened after that.

Torres was a 21-year-old college student when he vanished on May 21, 1999.

State police say he came to the area from Massachusetts to sell drugs with a man named Jason Carney.

Carney told investigators they were at a friend’s apartment in Biddeford, before going to meet up with “clients” who were unhappy with the quality of drugs they had bought earlier in the night.

Police say Carney went back to the friend’s apartment upset, disheveled and without Torres.

“Investigators have always believed Jason Carney was less than truthful in providing accurate information and details of the events surrounding Angel’s disappearance and felt he knew of Angel’s demise and of his location,” Lt. Brian McDonough said.

Torres’ family plans to put up posters in the area Saturday.

State police say they will talk to Carney’s family to see if he told them anything about the case before he passed away.

Anyone with information asked to call the Gray barracks at 207-657-3030.