BANGOR, Maine — With winter approaching, Bangor is hosting an event for residents who want to learn more about ways they can invest in their property to save money on energy costs.

Bangor and Efficiency Maine will hold the first Bangor Energy Expo from 3-7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 16, at the Cross Insurance Center.

Area vendors offering energy-efficiency audits, insulation services and heat pumps will be on hand to pitch their services and tell homeowners more about the energy upgrade services they offer. The city says vendors will offer special pricing and incentives at the event.

“Even small investments in energy efficiency projects can result in a significant energy savings to homeowners,” City Council Chairman Sean Faircloth said. “For example, a $600 air sealing and assessment could qualify for a $400 rebate from Efficiency Maine and, for Bangor homeowners, an additional $100 rebate from the EnergySmart Bangor program, bringing the total out-of-pocket cost to $100.”

Last month, Bangor launched its EnergySmart program to provide more incentive to people to invest in improvements to their homes that would help them save money over the long run, while improving the city’s aging housing stock. Maine has the eighth-oldest housing stock in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and those old homes are expensive to heat or upgrade to reduce heating bills.

EnergySmart is a local rebate program that piggybacks on existing Efficiency Maine programs to offer higher rebates for homeowners who invest in projects to improve energy efficiency in their homes.

The program’s budget of $140,000 came from savings the city saw over the past year from lower-than-expected fuel costs and a mild winter that reduced energy consumption in municipal buildings.

So far, 51 Bangor residents have participated in the program, according to Meghan Collins, Bangor’s public information coordinator. In all, they’ve reserved rebates totaling just over $16,000, which will be returned after the home improvements are finished.

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