WEST BATH, Maine — A Richmond man is behind bars, accused of beating his 76-year-old father so severely he died.

Court documents reveal the suspect allegedly attacked his dad outside his parents’ home earlier this month.

The victim passed away nearly two weeks later.

Police say the victim’s wife heard her husband and son arguing outside, and that when she went to check on them a short time later, she saw her husband lying on the ground.

Police say the alleged assault, on the afternoon of Feb. 9, took place down the long driveway leading to the family’s home. When police got there, they say the victim, 76-year-old Malcolm Linton, was inside with severe trauma to his face. Police say Malcolm’s 54-year-old son, Kurt, took off.

According to the Richmond police officer who responded to the call, “Malcolm Linton had blood on his forehead, blood in his left ear, severe bruising on his forehead and down the left side of his face,” and “his left eye was almost swollen shut.”

Police later found and arrested Kurt Linton for domestic violence assault. They say Linton admitted to them he punched his father. Malcolm Linton died two weeks later.

The state medical examiner calls Malcolm Linton’s death a homicide, saying he died from, “multiple complications following blunt impact of the head.” Kurt Linton is charged with manslaughter, alleging he recklessly or with criminal negligence caused the death of his father.

Police don’t know what the father and son were arguing about, but say Kurt Linton had recently moved back in with his parents.

Kurt Linton remains behind bars, accused of manslaughter and assault. If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison.