A portion of Greenfield Road in Milford was submerged in water and blocked off to traffic Tuesday morning.

The flooding is not a new problem for the portion of road past the railroad tracks and near Champion Lane. The road runs parallel to a stream connected to the Penobscot River, which occasionally overflows in the spring as snow melts and rain totals along the river are high, said Shawn Davis, a transportation resources manager for the Maine Department of Transportation.

The flooding “has happened before,” said Davis. “It depends on the season.”

The road was shut down Tuesday morning and there is no timetable for when it will open back up since officials are waiting for the water to recede from the road naturally, said Davis. The water could have been as deep as a foot in some spots, making it difficult for motorists to see the center line or edge of the road, he said.

Detours were not set up since most locals, who typically utilize the road, know other routes that will take them to their destination, Davis said.