The unusually loud airplane noises heard in the Bangor area late Tuesday night came from a pair of B-1 bombers stopping for fuel at the airport.

“The B-1 bombers were just stopping in for gas,” at the Maine Air National Guard’s 101st Air Refueling Wing, Maine National Guard Spokeswoman Staff Sgt. Angela Parady said.

Guard officials didn’t say where the bombers had come from or where they were headed.

“It was just a transfer coming through,” Maj. Rachel Beal of the 101st said Wednesday, adding the visit was used for training. “We have transfers all the time. This is business as usual.”

Parady said Mainers may see a variety of different planes in the coming days with the Great State of Maine Airshow in Brunswick, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

Holden residents Heather and Zach Van Dyne had gone out to help a family member with a vehicle problem at around midnight and caught the planes departing from at Bangor International Airport.

“I just wish the video did it justice to how incredible it was to see in person,” Heather Van Dyne posted on Facebook with a video of the takeoffs.

She said Wednesday that it was incredible just “seeing fighter jets that close, especially since we don’t see them that often.”

The 137-foot long aircraft was designed to replace the B-52 bomber and has four turbofans with afterburners, which are basically the only things visible in the nighttime video shot by the couple. The bomber can travel at 900 miles per hour, or Mach 1.2 at sea level, and can carry and dispatch 2,000-, 1,000- and 500-pound bombs, according the U.S. Air Force.