Feeling single and ready to mingle? It’s never too late for Cupid’s arrow to strike. Recent reports show that about 40 percent of today’s online daters are in their 50s and beyond. But successfully navigating matchmaking sites and old-fashioned meet-and-greets means reacquainting oneself with the game.

Don’t open up with your extended history. Older daters have more life experiences and (potentially) a greater number of past relationships. Recognize that you both may bring former spouses and even children to the table, but don’t feel the need to delve into all of your adventures (or misadventures) on the first date. Early dates are not for setting the entire course of your relationship. They’re for getting acquainted and seeing if this is a relationship you want to continue.

Dating later in life is no different than any other time. It means taking chances, going slow and exploring new relationship possibilities—ones that excite you at your own pace.

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