The King of Horror and the Duck of Justice are now chummy, and the proof is on the Bangor Police Department’s Facebook page.

The stuffed duck, named by Bangor Sgt. Tim Cotton, has been catapulted to fame in recent years by making appearances with a variety of notable figures in and around the Bangor area.

Thursday afternoon, Cotton reported walking into the office and finding the famous stuffed duck tied to a red balloon.

“When we found the red balloon floating near the Duck of Justice, I surmised out of town pranksters were to blame,” Cotton wrote on the Facebook page.

But upon asking the front desk employee, Cotton was perplexed to discover that no one had apparently been inside.

“I’ll be honest, it was a little creepy,” Cotton admitted. “I checked the security cameras. Nothing but a red balloon floating around.”

Familiar with Pennywise and the Sept. 8 premier of the second adaptation of King’s book, “It,” Cotton knew what he had to do.

“Only one person could get to the bottom of this, and I knew where he was.”

With the duck and the front desk employee, Melody, in tow, the three visited Stephen King’s house in Bangor.

“Mr. King claims he has no idea how the balloon ended up inside the secure doors of the Bangor Police Department,” Cotton reported. “I believe him. Strange things happen here about every 27 years.”