Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

Early Thursday morning, the Bangor Humane Society welcomed 15 transport dogs in an effort to help the state of Texas recover after Hurricane Harvey. These dogs were already in search of new homes in Texas before Hurricane Harvey hit.

Dogs were delivered to several Maine shelters in order to make room for pets displaced by the hurricane in hopes to reunite them with their owners in post hurricane relief efforts.

The 15 dogs vary in age, size and breed mixes, but because they just arrived, are not yet available to be viewed by the public or to be adopted.

“In times of national disasters, recovery can only happen if we all work together to help the humans and animals impacted,” stated Suzan Prendergast, Executive Director, in a press release. “Just because we are located up here in Maine, doesn’t mean we are removed from the responsibility to help those in need. We are honored to lend a hand by opening our kennels to these homeless dogs in hopes that the displaced pets in Texas can be reunited with their families. We will continue to help in whatever way we can.”

To stay up to date on their availability, follow the Bangor Humane Society on their Facebook page.

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