Destiny Dallavilla Credit: Labbe family photo courtesy of CBS 13

A newlywed was killed Monday in a head-on crash in Durham.

Police say a car, driven by the young woman, went into the other lane and into the path of a truck, but they have no idea why.

The head-on crash took place late Monday morning on Route 136 in Durham. Police say newlyweds Destiny and Jonathan Dallavilla were in a car heading north toward Auburn, when they pulled out of a line of cars into the southbound lane, and into the path of a heavy-duty pickup truck.

Destiny worked in Auburn, but had taken the day off to be with her husband. The newlyweds had just gotten married a month ago.

Audrey Dudley was a friend and coworker of Destiny’s.

“Beautiful, beautiful person,” Dudley said. “I can’t say enough about her. I mean, anybody who needed help, she was right there to help. Every time you saw her, just the one thing I always remembered is just her smile. It just blew up the room.”

Destiny died at the scene. Paramedics rushed her husband, Jonathan, to the hospital where police say he remains in critical condition, unresponsive, in the intensive care unit, not knowing what has happened to his wife.

“Just loved, loved Jonathan,” Dudley said. “That was her world. It was everything she ever wanted. And it was like a fairy tale for her. It’s unfortunate that she finally just got to get married and life ended so soon.”