The Marine Patrol officer who wounded a woman in Machiasport on Saturday shot her “several times,” according to her lawyer.

Tiffany Smith, who was still hospitalized on Tuesday evening, was shot inside her duplex on Corn Hill Road, her attorney, Don Brown said. He refused to say how seriously she was injured.

Jason Jackson, 34, of East Machias, was also shot by the patrolman during the same incident and remains hospitalized, according to Deputy Chief Michael Crabtree of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Jackson is charged with kidnapping and with eluding an officer, Crabtree said. However, authorities have not said who was allegedly kidnapped or when the alleged crime took place.

Jackson is Smith’s former boyfriend, and their two children were in the duplex during the shooting but were not hurt, Brown said.

The Marine Patrol officer, whose name has not been released, went to the duplex on Saturday along with deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office after a warrant for Jackson’s arrest was issued in connection with a home invasion in East Machias earlier that day, according to Andrew Roth-Wells of the Attorney General’s Office.

The warrant had been issued because an East Machias woman told police that a man whom she identified as Jackson entered her home on Main Street with a handgun and demanded money, Crabtree said.

The armed man then fled in his car, which was later found in Machias, Crabtree said.

The Machias Police and State Police were also involved in the search for Jackson, Crabtree said. He refused to describe events leading up to the shooting of Jackson and Smith.

Brown, a former Washington County police officer who practices law in Brewer, said, “I am very concerned about the police response to that situation.” He added, “It seems very apparent to me that there were mistakes made here that caused this woman to be shot.”

The Marine Patrol officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, which investigates all uses of deadly force by law enforcement officers.

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