With a blizzard barreling toward Maine after a week of dangerously low temperatures, city officials say people in Bangor who need a warm place to stay are welcome to hole up in municipal buildings.

On Thursday, as a storm expected to drop a foot of snow rolls over the state, Bangor’s city buildings will remain open, and the Parks and Recreation Department, at 647 Main Street, will extend its hours to 9 p.m., said Fire Chief Thomas Higgins.

The Greater Bangor Homeless Shelter, which has been filled to capacity consistently, with all 43 beds occupied, also opens its doors during the day for people who need a hot meal and a warm place to sit, Executive Director Boyd Kronholm said.

The best way to get ready for a storm is to prepare for the worst, said Higgins, who is also the city’s emergency management director. If the storm is severe enough, Bangor will open an emergency overnight shelter, he said.

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