York High School senior Grant Long ice skates on the ice over Long Sands Beach in York during freezing temperatures Sunday in this photograph by his mother, Jill Bauman. Credit: Jill Bauman photo courtesy of The York Weekly

On Sunday, a local couple were on an evening stroll when they came upon a person doing something peculiar to take advantage of the freezing temperatures: Ice skating on Long Sands Beach in York.

Peter Lekouski’s Facebook video of the scene was shared by multiple media outlets as a sign of just how cold it has been in Maine. Portland saw record low temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday, ending a long stretch of frigid weather before things began warming up to the 30s and 40s this week.

The video was posted on Monday and by Wednesday morning, had been viewed more than 140,000 times and shared more than 3,600 times.

I keep trying to tell you all, every day is a beach day in Maine !! :D :D Glad this guy didn’t forget to bring his ice skates to Long Sands Beach in York Maine, yesterday. Some one knows who this is . give them a tag !!

Posted by Peter Lekousi Sr. on Monday, 8 January 2018

Lekouski asked on Facebook if anyone knew the person skating, and some responded that they did.

According to The York Weekly, it was York High School senior Grant Long, whose mother said he received the ice skates a day earlier for his 18th birthday.

“I think he felt this was something like a birthday bonus,” mother Jill Bauman told The York Weekly. “He is something of an old soul, so he mentioned that he would definitely be writing this one in his journal!”

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