JACKMAN, Maine — U.S. Sen. Susan Collins said she will not support the re-election bid of a controversial state representative following his comments about “the left’s war on whites.”

Asked Thursday about the statement Larry Lockman, R-Amherst, made in an email to supporters of his political organization, Maine’s senior senator expressed disappointment.

“Representative Lockman will not be getting my support for re-election,” Collins, a Republican, said. “I am very disappointed in many of the comments he’s made.”

In an email earlier this week from the New England Opportunity Project, Lockman wrote that “there is too much at stake to let identity politics and the left’s war on whites rule the day.” He is seeking re-election this year.

The email calls for opposition to a bill meant to promote immigrants in Maine’s workforce and further states that “immigrants — both legal and illegal — will steal job opportunities away from life-long Mainers, many more will sponge off the government.” It was first reported by the Maine Beacon, a left-leaning website.

Collins had endorsed Lockman’s previous election bids as part of her routine support for other Republicans, but said his statements change things. “He has every right to make them but he certainly won’t be getting my support,” she said

The senator’s statement followed a lunch in Jackman, during which she praised locals’ swift move to fire town manager Tom Kawczynski after the revelation of his hostility towards Islam and support for voluntary racial segregation.

Reached by phone, Lockman said he “won’t lose any sleep over” not getting Collins’ endorsement and suggested the senator is out of touch with Mainers.

“She lost my support long before today,” he said.

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