Giroux Energy General Manager Steve Giroux talks about the Maine Energy Marketers Association's "Fuel Your Love" Valentine's Day campaign, in which oil companies around the state make surprise tank top-offs for customers. Credit: CBS 13

Several Maine oil companies are topping off the tanks for some unsuspecting oil customers on Wednesday.

As part of the “Fuel Your Love” campaign with Maine Energy Marketers Association, they spent Wednesday morning topping off the tanks for some unsuspecting customers.

Customers were surprised to hear they were getting 100 gallons of free oil.

Representatives of Giroux Energy in Portland say they’re happy to deliver some extra warmth on Valentine’s Day.

“Back in early January, we had that deep freeze of the century and that really got people’s horns up and thinking about heat and worrying about heat so this is a great year to be doing this,” Steve Giroux, general manager, said.

Sylvia Johnson was their second stop of the day. She says she was just getting ready to call them to say her oil almost out.

“I’m a Christian woman. I was like, ‘Lord, I need some oil,’” Johnson said.

To say she’s appreciative of the Valentine’s gift is an understatement.

“I’m just overwhelmed and blessed,” Johnson said.

Fuel surprises are happening across the state Wednesday.

Giroux Energy says they’re happy to be a part of the campaign and hope to do it again next year.

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