A student was arrested after for suspicion of threatening to shoot law enforcement officers at the University of Maryland at College Park, police said.

Ryan M. Sulkowski, 21, of Baltimore was charged with making a threat of mass violence and disturbing the operations of a school, according to a statement from the University of Maryland Police Department.

The charges stem from reported statements Sulkowski made Friday to an individual about applying for firearms and background checks. The individual in question then contacted police to tell them about the threatening comments.

“The individual continued to state he had access to firearms and he was going to shoot UMPD police officers,” the police statement said.

Sulkowski was arrested Saturday morning by Baltimore County officers, police said.

University officials said Sulkowski enrolled in fall 2016. They added that he was denied access to campus after the charges were filed.

“This is a story of ‘if you see something, say something,’ and we are grateful for any reported information that helps keep our UMPD police officers safe,” university spokeswoman Katie Lawson said.

Sulkowski’s attorney Ronald Schwartz said his client was released on his personal recognizance by a Baltimore County Judge and the charges stem from a dispute from a disgruntled roommate. Schwartz called the charges an “overreaction,” by police.

“He never applied for a permit,” Schwartz said. “This kid never had a gun.”

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