A collapsed pipe is believed to have caused a 2-foot hole that appeared on Main Street overnight Monday, near where a broken water main flooded the basements of several businesses earlier this winter.

An 8-inch-wide pipe that connects to the sewer main appears to have collapsed in front of 48 Main St., according to Daniel McAllister, a Bangor Public Works foreman.

Crew members flushed the pipe with pressurized water Tuesday morning and determined the pipe collapsed, which is likely what caused the hole, he said. The problem could have been made worse if the asphalt wasn’t compacted enough after city workers had to make repairs there in January.

“When you dig, sometimes things can be affected 20 feet away by vibrations, especially if it’s not that strong,” McAllister said. “We’re just wondering if all that construction affected that line and broke it somehow.”

McAllister said the hole and collapsed pipe were not an emergency. The hole was filled temporarily with gravel and asphalt. In the coming days, utility lines will be located and marked, so crews can return to dig up the collapsed pipe. McAllister said he expects workers to dig up the pipe on Monday.

The hole appeared about 10 feet from where Bangor Water District crews dug up the road in January to find the broken water main, which they later determined should have lasted decades longer.

The basements of businesses up and down Main Street were flooded with several feet of water, including Gerald Winters & Son rare bookstore and Nocturnem Draft Haus. Both business owners lost thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in the flood. Winters, the bookstore owner, lost an original Stephen King manuscript.

Winters reported the hole early Tuesday morning after spotting it while he was opening his store, but he said there was no water in his basement.

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